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Top 5 Best FPS Monitor 2021

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Best FPS monitor. Are you looking for the best FPS monitor on your budget? In this review, we break down the top 5 best FPS monitors that are available on the market. Actually, we tried to make the list based on their quality, popularity, price & user opinions.

Here are the Top 5 Best FPS Monitor:

  1. MSI Optix MAG251RX

  2. Sceptre C305B-200UN

  3. BenQ XL2546

  4. AOC G2460PF

  5. BenQ XL2540

Best FPS Monitor

Number 05. BenQ XL2540 || FPS Monitor

Best FPS monitor
Best FPS monitor

BenQ XL2540. It should come as no surprise that a BenQ monitor came in first. As they helped revolutionize how seriously gaming monitors can be. With a 144-hertz refresh rate, and one ms response time you’re guaranteed the faster possible picture to go along with an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Thankfully the build quality of the XL2540 monitor is well above average and comes built with a heavy solid base so it won’t fall over easily. To further boot, we love the rotating 90-degree spin that is allowed from the horizontal and vertical alignment. Setting up the bin q out of the box is lightning fast. Meaning, you can get it up and running in just a few minutes. It also comes with software that you can install on your computer that will allow you to adjust the brightness and contrast. Along with other settings that help give you the best possible picture while winning the battle royale or planting the bomb.


Number 04. AOC G2460PF || FPS Monitor

Best FPS monitor
Best FPS monitor

AOC G2460PF. If you have an AMD graphics card you want to give strong consideration to the AOC G2460PF FPS gaming monitor. It’s a great 24-inches monitor with a 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate that spits out crisp bright colors making games look absolutely gorgeous. Another nice perk is the G2460PF comes equipped with a VESA mount. This allows you to attach the monitor to any VESA bracket, wall hanger, or mount to give you total control over positioning your monitor.

This AOC FPS monitor has received great reviews from users playing Call Of Duty, PUBg, or CS Go. In fact, I’m an owner of this monitor myself. I use it to play Fortnite every weekend, and it’s great. Overall, if you want to monitor for an unforgettable gaming experience go and check the AOC G2460PF.


Number 03. BenQ XL2546 || FPS Monitor

Best FPS monitor
Best FPS monitor

 BenQ XL2546. First up is the incredible esports gaming monitor XL2546 from BenQ with an incredible 240-hertz refresh rate will be hard to find a better monitor for the competitive gamer. Say hello, to the smoothest gameplay you could imagine. However, make sure your gaming computer’s graphics card is able to deliver these high frame rates. To use the monitor to its full potential. Otherwise, would a 144Hz monitor be more suitable for you? Either way, this monitor is extremely impressive with its features.

It comes with a unique built-in black equalizer technology, ideal for fps games. Many professional players prefer BenQ’s monitors only for this reason. The black equalizer features bright dark areas game, and don’t overexpose the bright areas. Resulting in makes it easier to spot enemies in dark environments in-game. The gaming monitor has a height adjustment stand so you can set it for the ideal height for your setup keeping an ergonomic position.


Number 02. Sceptre C305B-200UN || FPS Monitor

Best FPS monitor
Best FPS monitor

Sceptre C305B-200UN. There are many benefits that a 200-Hertz refresh rate offers when you play first-person shooter games with it. For starters, the frames transition very fast and accurately without ghosting or blur, and this Sceptre 30-inches gaming monitor is well built to address this fact. It has a curved design that produces images that are well fitted for your eyes to focus on, and it has a response time of 5ms that ensures a swift and precise reaction when gaming.

 Visuals produced on this gaming monitor are flicker-free, clear, and well detailed. Employing AMD Free-Sync technology for smooth, tear-free, and stutter-free visual experience in fast-paced games. This gaming monitor is also suitable for other computing activities, and it generates a picture-in-picture format that allows users to multitask by displaying the information of dual sources at the same time.


Number 01. MSI Optix MAG251RX || FPS Monitor

Best FPS monitor
Best FPS monitor

MSI Optix MAG251RX. Let your search for an FPS monitor with a refresh rate of 240Hertz that’s well-engineered for fps games, and other esports in here. This MSI 24.5- inches gaming monitor is ideal for the fast pace and competitive games that require swift and accurate reactions. With a response speed of 1ms, the visuals are transitioned smoothly on an IPS panel with the speed required for FPS games.

This monitor is compatible with Nvidia G-Sync technology, and when paired it eliminates choppy frame rates of tear, stutter, blur, and ghosting. The images provide gamers with a smooth and thrilling gaming experience. This MSI optic monitor has a frameless design and is suitable for multi-display monitor setup. The images displayed on this monitor are flicker-free and extremely clear with the AID of HDR technology that offers a rich contrast for darker colors and 400-nits of brightness on the images for a naturalistic viewing experience.

[Buying Guide]

  •  How do I choose a gaming monitor?

When picking a gaming monitor you need to ask yourself three key questions.

  1. What kind of games do you play?

  2. How capable is your PC?

  3.  What is your budget?

The answers to these questions will help guide you in buying your gaming monitor. Although there is some nuance to how each can affect your best choice. They can lead you in the right direction. If you play immersive single-player RPGs and other slower games then larger high-resolution monitors may lead to a better gaming experience for you. They let you bring out the detail in what you’re playing. You’ll need a powerful graphics card to play at 1440p, or 4K though to make sure that your PC is up to the task.

If you prefer to play faster pace competitive games then high refresh rate gaming monitors are much more important than resolution. They help lower your input lag and improve your perception of movement and game making it easier to hit accurate skill shots. The whole experience is smoother too which can help you immersion even more than added detail and resolution. Unless you have the highest of high-end graphics cards, you want to stick to lower resolutions.

As they not only allow for faster refresh rate options but will let your system push out as many frames as they can without the demands of high resolutions holding it back. Typically top gaming monitors features don’t cost the earth by themselves. High refresh rates or high-resolution monitors don’t have to cost more than a few hundred dollars. Combine these elements though and cost can quickly rise into the thousands. So, be realistic about what you can afford and prioritize.

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