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Top 5 Best Smartwatch For Android 2021

Best smartwatch for Android 2021. Are you looking for the best smartwatch for Android on your budget? In this review, we break down the top 5 best smartwatches for Android that are available on the market. Actually, we tried to make the list based on their quality, popularity, price & user opinions.

Here are the Top 5 Best Smartwatch For Android:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

  2. Fitbit Versa 3

  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

  4. TickTalk 4

  5. Fossil Q Explorist HR

Best Smartwatch For Android 2021

Number 01. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 || Smartwatch For Android

Best smartwatch for Android 2021
Best smartwatch for Android 2021

[Configuration & Details About Samsung Galaxy Watch 3]

 Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The Galaxy Watch 3 isn’t the perfect smartwatch, but it has a dazzling design, a vivid display, and a variety of new fitness features to help you track your progress across a wide range of activities, and stay motivated of course. It looks better than the first generation device as well. The design is slimmer and lighter making for a more spelled-looking device that could compete with the likes of the Apple Watch 5 in a beauty contest.

You have the choice of two sizes. With a 41 millimeter being the smaller option and a 45 millimeter model for those who prefer a larger watch on their wrist. For this review, we’ve tested the 45 millimeter variant so elements of the user experience with a smaller model may differ slightly. The display has a resolution of 360 to 360 which at this size is perfect for looking at stats and swiping through the menus. The device is protected by according gorilla glass DX.

For some reason, it’s not DX Plus as on the original watch and I’m not sure why? The display is bright and easy to read in all types of light. So, you shouldn’t struggle to see this screen even when you’re exercising outdoors. The Galaxy Watch 3 is running on the same chipset that powered the original Galaxy watch from Samsung which may disappoint some although I didn’t find this to be an issue when using the smart watch.

Apps load as quickly as I’d expect them to and that’s partly due to the one gigabyte of ram included here. Unlike the four day stamina of the original galaxy watch, the Galaxy Watch 3’s battery is rated for 2 days that’s fair for smartwatch standards, and likely contributes to the slimmed-down design.

Number 02. Fitbit Versa 3 || Smartwatch For Android

Best smartwatch for Android 2021
Best smartwatch for Android 2021

[Configuration & Details About Fitbit Versa 3]

 Fitbit Versa 3. The Fitbit Versa 3 finally fixes my biggest gripe about the versa line of smartwatches. The Versa 3 now comes with integrated GPS to track in real-time. The pace and distance of your walks, runs, bike rides, or hikes if you choose to leave your phone behind which has earned it a spot in our list. The Versa 3 is a serious contender to be the best fitness wearable on the market.

Especially given its relatively affordable price tag, and the plethora of fitness tracking compatibilities it has which also includes an oxygen sensor to measure blood oxygen levels while you sleep. However, a lot more useful information is locked behind the Fitbit premium paywall, and the redesign of the side button has made it frustrating to use. At first glance, the Versa 3 looks identical to its predecessors, but a closer look reveals a few design tweaks that make the new device a bit sleeker.

The change in chassis color isn’t the biggest design change though it’s the size of the screen. The display is now a larger 40-millimeter AMOLED panel as compared to the 39 millimeter on the Versa 2 which is a high resolution of 336 to 336 pixels. The Versa 2 is 300 to 300. It’s a bright crisp and very clear display that looks absolutely stunning even at its dim setting at pretty much any viewing angle. The bezels though still remain quite thick similar to the Versa 2. Versa 3 has a battery life of up to two days so all your fitness lovers don’t miss out on Versa.


Number 03. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active || Smartwatch For Android

Best smartwatch for Android 2021
Best smartwatch for Android 2021

[Configuration & Details About Samsung Galaxy Watch Active]

 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Samsung’s first-gen Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch is its most affordable, and also one of the best cheap smartwatches for android users. The Galaxy Watch Active sports a faster processor and easier-to-use software than other Android watches that run on Google square OS platform. The only downside, the Galaxy Watch Active doesn’t have many well-known apps especially compared with the apple watch. Luckily, Samsung’s built-in apps including its fitness-focused options are more than capable of handling most tasks.

This is another circular smartwatch from Samsung. Unlike on the Galaxy watch, there’s no rotating bezel here in what I believe is an attempt to make a sportier design for the wearable if that is the intention it has worked. It feels a lot lighter on the wrist than the larger device, and it’s noticeably thinner on the wrist without losing the premium look on the Galaxy Watch. It uses 20-millimeter straps which can be swapped out which means you can buy other straps directly from Samsung, or you can even choose to get a third-party strap instead. So, there are plenty of options.

In the middle of the watch, there’s a 1.1-inches 360 to 360 resolution display. If you use the larger smartwatch you may find this a bit more restrictive than devices like the Apple Watch 4, or the 1.3-inch Galaxy Watch. Samsung claims it can go for 45 hours on a single charge but that’s only a realistic number if you’re using GPS rarely if at all, and keep them always-on display option disabled. Turning that on is a major hit on the battery life with default settings I’ve been able to get through two days’ of `work before needing to charge.


Number 04. TickTalk 4 || Smartwatch For Android

Best smartwatch for Android 2021
Best smartwatch for Android 2021

[Configuration & Details About TickTalk 4]

 TickTalk 4. Kids love gadgets as much as adults maybe even more. So it’s no surprise the idea of having their own smartwatch gets them excited. Finding the best kit smartwatch to get for your child can be daunting with so many choices on the market. Aside from waiting through all the options, it’s also important to consider privacy, durability, and cost when searching for the best kids smartwatch.

One watch that does a great job of these core features is the TickTalk 4. The TickTalk three was a good option too, but missing some essential features. With a TickTalk 4 many were resolved the newest version of the kit smartwatch fixed one of the most significant issues I had from the TickTick 3 which was poor battery life. In the design overhaul, more space was made for a larger battery. Additional cellular antennas and software changes helped extend the battery life to a full day without issue.

From the moment I opened the package for the TickTalk 4, it was clear that this was a watch designed to be feature-heavy, and not for some sort of modern design award. The large thick casing helps to house the very loudspeaker, two cameras, and the one thousand milliampere battery that’s a huge battery for a watch. For reference, the also large Tick Watch Pro 3 smartwatch for adults which runs Google’s WearOS, and is packed with multiple health-tracking sensors.


Number 05. Fossil Q Explorist HR || Smartwatch For Android

Best smartwatch for Android 2021
Best smartwatch for Android 2021

[Configuration & Details About Fossil Q Explorist HR]

 Fossil Q Explorist HR. The Fossil Q Explorers debuted back in 2017, and the tech quickly aged. A lot of the competition around the explorers improved including some watches from the Fossil brand itself. With the Q Explorist HR Fossil has made a concerted attempt at making a watch that competes with the latest products like the Samsung Galaxy Watch, or the Apple Watch 3 without losing the unique Fossil looks.

There’s also the new Fossil cube venture HR which is marketed at women but may be suitable for anyone looking for a smaller wristwatch. The Q Explores hr is a larger watch. The company has its new cubeventure HR for those with smaller wrists, and it features a premium built metal design. The Fossil Q Explorers HR has a 45-millimeter case size which is on the larger end of watches and gives it the space for a larger touchscreen in the middle. I don’t know the exact specs for the display.

For some reason, Fossil doesn’t share this information but it looked bright and clear. I found it easy to move around the display with my finger, and it’s a larger size than some other smartwatches. Fossil labels it as a one-day 24-hour battery life, and under normal usage that is true. Keep in mind, if you’re using battery-intensive functionalities like GPS then the battery life can be expected to be shorter. Under normal usage, your Explorer’s HR watch should have no problems lasting more than 24 hours. 

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