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Top 5 Best Gaming Laptop Under $800 2021

Best gaming laptop under $800 2021. Are you looking for the best gaming laptop under $800? In this review, we break down the top 5 best gaming laptops under $800 that are available on the market. Actually, we tried to make the list based on their quality, popularity, price & user opinions.

Here are the top 5 best gaming laptops under $800:

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 3

  2. ASUS VivoBook 17

  3. HP 15

  4. Acer Aspire 5

  5. Dell Inspiron 15

Best Gaming Laptop Under $800 2021

Number 05. Dell Inspiron 15 || Laptop Under $800

Best gaming laptop under $800 2021
Best gaming laptop under $800 2021

[Hardware Specification Of Dell Inspiron 15]

  • Display: 15.6-inch HD, LED
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-1005G1
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Battery: 42 WHr Battery
  • Weight: 4.9 Pounds

[Details About Dell Inspiron 15]

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000, a performance-intensive laptop from Dell that’s a fair deal as for the low price tag and cool specs aimed towards the students. This bad boy comes with an Intel Core i3 1005 G1 10th Gen processor, and 8 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. Simply put it is fast in terms of light gaming helping you not through multitasking pretty gracefully.

Moreover, it has a one terabyte HDD so that you can stock as many games as you want. The 15.6-inch HD display will make the gameplay more immersive, and the lesser resolution will give you more fps in the games. As for the ports, it comes with 2 USB 3.1, one USB 2.0, one HDMI port, and one ethernet port to experience lag-free gaming.

It comes with a 42-watt hour battery and on continuous gaming, you can get 5 hours 15 minutes of battery backup. Overall, if you are very tight on the budget and want to do some decent gaming the Dell Inspiron 15 got you covered. 


Number 04. Acer Aspire 5 || Laptop Under $800

Best gaming laptop under $800 2021
Best gaming laptop under $800 2021

[Hardware Specification Of Acer Aspire 5]

  • Display: 15.6″ FHD, LED
  • Memory: 12GB
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Battery: 3.97 Pounds

[Details About Acer Aspire 5]

 The Aspire 5 by Acer, a powerful laptop with greater multitasking capabilities and a straightforward design at a reasonable price point. In terms of power, this laptop can be found with a Ryzen 3 3200U processor, and integrated Vega 3 graphics that can handle most of your daily needs.

Furthermore, it comes with a massive 12 gigabyte of DDR4 RAM, and a faster SSD which will help you to get 60 FPSD in CS go. As for the display, the Aspire 5 is visibly stunning. It features a narrow border 15.6-inch FHD display panel which has a rich color quality and details and is quite comfortable in varying light conditions.

Equipped with a high-power lithium-ion battery, this laptop will stay by your side for a maximum of 5 hours and 48 minutes of a continuous gaming session. Overall, Acer Aspire 5 is an amazing affordable laptop with huge ram capacity and faster SSD support that you can get your hands on for gaming.


Number 03. HP 15 || Laptop Under $800

Best gaming laptop under $800 2021
Best gaming laptop under $800 2021

[Hardware Specification Of HP 15]

  • Display: 15.6-inch HD, LED
  • Memory: 8GB
  • CPU: 10th Gen i3
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Battery: 41 WHr
  • Weight: 3.74 Pounds

[Details About HP 15]

 The HP 15, a perfectly balanced laptop with strong performance and great battery backup. This laptop is an ideal performer for CPU-intensive games. Due to its 10th Gen Core i3 processor, and the Intel UHD graphics chip brings stability for a well-rounded execution.

With that being said it has 8 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, and 256 gigabytes of M.2 PCIe SSD storage to spice things up even further. The 15.6-inches diagonal HD display is also up to the mark and can showcase gameplays in their full glory.

Equipped with a powerful battery, the laptop will run for 5 hours and 10 minutes on continuous gaming. Other perky features include Wi-Fi 5 network compatibility and Bluetooth 4.2 for reliable wireless connectivity. If you prioritize processor performance from a gaming laptop, you should get the HP 15 without giving it a second thought.

Number 02. ASUS VivoBook 17 || Laptop Under $800

Best gaming laptop under $800 2021
Best gaming laptop under $800 2021

[Hardware Specification Of ASUS VivoBook 17]

  • Display: 17-Inch FHD, LED
  • Memory: 8GB
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3250U
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Battery: 47 WHr
  • Weight: 5.07 Pounds

[Details About ASUS VivoBook 17]

 The Asus VivoBook 17, a fashionable laptop to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. This laptop is available with an AMD Ryzen 3 3250 UCPU with 8 gigabytes of ADR for RAM, and a faster SSD to keep you delivered with reliable processing speed. Furthermore, the integrated Radeon Vega graphics can run GTA 5 in low medium settings at 40 to 50 FPS.

As for the display, it has a 17-inch FHD display that showcases on-screen content with amazing brightness and color accuracy which will come in handy when you are playing games. Moreover, it has 4 USB ports including one USB Type-C port for a faster data transfer rate.

It has a 47-watt hour battery so you will most likely get a backup of 5 hours on continuous gaming. If you are looking for a stylish laptop with decent gaming performance the Asus VivoBook 17 got you covered.


Number 01. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 || Laptop Under $800

Best gaming laptop under $800 2021
Best gaming laptop under $800 2021

[Hardware Specification Of Lenovo IdeaPad 3]

  • Display: 14-Inch FHD, LED
  • Memory: 8GB
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Battery: 35 WHr
  • Weight: 3.30 Pounds

[Details About Lenovo IdeaPad 3]

The Lenovo Ideapad 3. This laptop is capable of doing so much more than you might expect it to be. It comes with the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor with integrated powerful Radeon Vega 8 graphics which deliver powerful performance for everyday tasks and lightweight gaming. You can definitely run CS go and valorent at 60 FPS.

As for the storage, it comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM, and 256 gigabytes SSD which will help in multitasking and faster read and write speed. The 14-inch FHD display does look stunning and narrow side bezels give you more viewing area and less clutter.

Battery backup is also on the decent side as on continuous gaming. The laptop will run for 4 hours and 30 minutes. If you are a digital nomad who is always on the move the Lenovo Ideapad 3 can be your ideal companion.

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